Evergreen Marketing Press Releases

January 1, 2017

Unity has appointed Evergreen Marketing as list manager to their publications.

Unity is a worldwide movement of prayer, publishing, education and retreats that helps people of all faiths apply positive spiritual principals in their daily lives. Subject matter includes prayer, healing, meditation, personal and spiritual growth. A Daily Word readership survey found that subscribers are evenly split among low, medium and high income levels, have subscribed for more than 10 years, are mostly Catholic or Protestant, and prefer to purchase products and gifts by mail. They’re generally female, over the age of 55. They’re also big donors to health & fitness and religious causes, and interested in self-improvement, current affairs and Bible/devotional reading.

Daily Word is the oldest continuously published inspirational magazine in the country, offering inspiration and practical teachings through daily prayer messages to help people of all faiths live healthy, prosperous and meaningful lives.

Daily Word – Large Print is a large print edition for those mature readers that need the convenience of the larger type.

Daily Word Spanish Speaking – La Palabra Diaria is the Spanish-language version of Daily Word. The mail piece and publication are written entirely in Spanish, to serve the Hispanic community, which is a growing and powerful market in today’s economy.

Daily Word Masterfile consists of Active Subscribers to the Daily Word, Daily Word - Large Print and Unity Magazine.

For additional information, please contact Kris Grauer at 203-822-7933 or

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